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Baptist Mid-Missions

7749 Webster Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio, United States 44130-8011

Phone: 440-826-3930
Fax: 440-826-4457


Funding for relief after natural disasters,
or destructive military activity, by rebuilding
nationalized Baptist churches and homes,
with community relief, and always associated
with evangelistic outreach.
Relief ministry of Baptist Mid-Missions, founded
1920, primarily a church planting mission.

Listing Categories: International Relief & Development
Mission Agencies - International Focus
Contact: Mr. Larry Beckman, Administrator of Baptist World Relief
, Rev. David Ferguson, V.P., Director of Special Projects
, Rev. Glen Rohrbach, Vice President, Administrator for Stewardship Department
Volunteer Opportunities: Career ministry, summer, 1-year
Members Of: FOM: Fellowship of Missions
Year Founded: 1920

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